Can House Windows be Repaired?

A Broken Window

Can house windows be repaired?

Whether you have a broken pane, a window that leaks air, or is hard to open, you should be able to repair the window. In most cases window repair is all you need to get your window in great shape again. Occasionally, depending on the damage, the window might need to be replaced. Actually many problems with windows just need a simple fix. For instance, if you have air leaking through gaps, this problem can often be resolved by adding weatherstripping around the windows to seal the gaps. And, of course, as long as there is no damage to the frame, a broken or cracked window pane can easily be replaced in most cases. When you need quality window repair in Erie and Denver, CO, you can always count on the professionals at Blue Spruce Construction Group. We provide a wide range of repair and installation services. Find out how we can help you by calling (303) 647-3883.

How do you fix a residential glass window?

Different types of damage will require different repair methods when it comes to window repair. One of the most common repairs for glass windows is a broken pane. To repair a glass window you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Carefully remove the window: You’ll want to place painter’s tape in an “X” shape over the pane that’s being removed. For a double hung window you’ll push against the vinyl channels and release the channel pins to remove the window.
  • Clean out putty and the frame: Scrape away any putty with a putty knife and use a wire brush to brush away dirt and debris.
  • Remove any broken glass fragments from the frame: Once the glass is removed, you’ll need to sand L-shaped grooves to clear away any remaining old paint or putty.
  • Measure the frame: You will need to measure the frame’s height, width, and opening.
  • Add putty: The glazing compound should be applied in a thin layer to avoid swelling after the window is set.
  • Set the window: Set the window in place with someone’s help and press it lightly to bed it.
  • Add an additional layer of putty: The putty is added around the edge of the glass. Smooth it with your wet finger or a cloth.
  • Paint window frame: If you used latex glazing you can probably do this the same day. You’ll want to overlap the paint on the glass by about 1/16 inches. This will improve the weather seal.

How long does it take to fix a broken window?

The amount of time it takes for window repair will depend on the type of damage. Most repairs, however, can often be done in less than a day. It should take less than two hours, for instance, to fix a single broken window pane, as this is normally an easy repair to make, and one of the most common.

Can you repair window seals

If you’ve begun to see moisture between the layers of glass in your windows, this is usually a sign your window seal is broken. This is not normally a good repair to undertake as a DIY project. Repairing a seal also includes cleaning the panes, replacing the argon gas that goes between the panes, as well as replacing all the seals and reinstalling the window. There’s too much room for error for this type of window repair. In this case, getting a reliable professional like those at Blue Spruce Construction Group to make the repair is your best bet. We’ll make sure the job is done right so your window seals are repaired and no longer letting air in or out of your home.

Can you repair window screens

In some cases, window screens can be repaired as a DIY project. Much of this will depend on the damage. If you have a small hole it can be fixed with glue and patches, and you won’t even need to take the screen off the window. Big holes, however, pose a bigger problem and are less easy to fix. You will, for instance, need a patch that will fit correctly over the hole. 

Window repair kit

While some companies offer window repair kits, you really just need some basic tools and materials to make simple fixes like repairing a broken window pane. Here is a list of useful tools and materials for window repair.

  • Caulk gun
  • Paint scraper
  • Putty knife
  • Sand paper
  • Wire brush
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • Putty

Window repair and replacement

While often a window repair is all that’s needed to keep your windows performing well, sometimes it may be necessary to replace the window altogether. If you have damage to the frame, for instance, it may be best to replace the whole window or if you have multiple windows that are letting air seep in and out of the house. This will cause your utility bills to go up, as energy is wasted. Usually, windows that are 15 to 20 years old begin to have problems like leaks. Often seals get broken and the windows may start to look foggy as moisture builds up between window panes. Your windows become less energy efficient as they age. It’s usually best, however, to replace all of your windows at once when you do replace them. This will ensure all your windows are performing at optimum levels at the same time.

Does homeowners insurance cover a broken window?

When you have insurance on your home most components like roofs or windows are usually part of that coverage and the coverage pays for damages caused by what insurers call perils. These are events often out of your control like hail or fire or even vandalism. If hail strikes your windows and breaks them, it’s very likely the insurance company will cover the damage. If your neighbor’s child hits a baseball through the window, your insurance may cover it, but your neighbor’s insurance or the neighbor could be held liable for the damage. Any damage caused by a lack of maintenance or neglect is normally not covered. If you have questions about particular coverage, consult with your insurance agent.

Technicians Work on a Window Repair.

Where can I get a window fixed?

Whether you have broken panes or difficulty opening your window, when you need reliable window repair in Erie and Denver, CO, the team to count on is the one at Blue Spruce Construction Group. We offer a full range of repair and installation options for all types of windows. Find out how we can help by calling (303) 647-3883.