Cool Roofing in Erie, CO

The Coolest Roofing Around

There is a movement happening when it comes to commercial roofing and that is finding efficiency in the way that the roofing handles climate change. In days of old, the material of your roof was pretty simple and straightforward: it was pretty much meant to keep the elements off of your head. While that principle is still important today, we expect far more out of our roofing systems than ever before. That is because, with the right roofing system, businesses of all kinds can save on energy usage and keep their buildings under control from a climate standpoint. How is this possible? Through cool or reflective roofing. If you want to learn more about installing a cool roof in Erie, Boulder, Loveland and Denver CO, call (303) 647-3883 to talk to the experts at Blue Spruce Construction Group.

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What is Cool Roofing?

Cool roofing is used to describe roofing that has reflective properties. With outdated roofing materials, they will simply absorb all of those rays that the sun projects on a daily basis. This means that the roof retains heat, warming the building up along the way.

That warming of the building means a greater workload for your HVAC system during the hotter months of the year. That means larger energy costs to you and a less efficient roofing material being employed on your roof.

A cool roof is meant to combat this. With naturally reflective properties, it pushes away all of those rays from the sun, keeping your building far cooler. This means that even in the hottest months of the year, your building can stay cooler without excessive use of your expensive HVAC system.

The Best Name in Cool Roofing

If you are interested in learning more about cool roofing or have decided that now is the time to make that transition, there is one name in the Erie and Denver, CO area that you need to consider for your cool roofing needs: Blue Spruce Construction Group. We know cool roofing like no other.

Blue Spruce Construction Group has been in the industry for years, implementing the latest and most effective roofing techniques along the way. Scheduling an appointment with us by calling (303) 647-3883 is just the first step in a very beneficial process for your commercial roof in Erie and Denver, CO. Don’t hesitate to call us today to learn more about cool roofing and what benefits it can offer to your commercial building.

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