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Roofs Have A Life Span

Did you know roofs have a life span? Many dont. But in Colorado the average life expectancy for Asphalt shingle roofs is 17-19 years. This is due in part because our elevation and intensity of the sun we receive year round in Colorado.

Shingles have been manufactured in a way to have the resilience to with stand these extreme elements, but that doesn’t mean the shingles dont wear down, especially with severe changes in the weather that can occur anytime here in Colorado. Many roofs in Colorado dont need to be replaced, but rather need to have the make up of the shingle restored and brought back into the shingles to extend the life expectancy.Thats where Roof Maxx comes in! Roof max is a completely safe, plant based penetrant that restores life back into your asphalt shingles in your roof. Many shingles experience breakdown and wear over the years. Roof Maxx can restore the life of most shingles that are aged.
Whether you are a commercial building manager or owner, or a residential home owner, the Roof Maxx system can be a good answer to keeping more funds in your pocket!

Roof Maxx
Roof Maxx
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In Colorado, most roof replacements for asphalt roofs cost anywhere from $5.00-$6.00/SQ FT. To have a roof replaced on average. With Roof Maxx you can rejuvenate your roof from $1.25-$1.75/SQ FT and receive a 5 year warranty. In addition, if your roof is in good condition, you can apply Roof Maxx up to three times, extending the life of your roof up to 15 years!

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