Can home windows be repaired?

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Keeping your windows at their best

Today, window repairs is the topic of conversation. First, how old are the windows in your home? If you aren’t sure, are the aluminum, vinyl, or wooden frame, that could give you an estimated time frame. Aluminum windows have been around centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1930s when they made their way on to American homes. 

When somebody tells you they have  aluminum windows, this doesn’t mean the entire frame is aluminum. It may be an aluminum-clad softwood that offer structural strength and provides a thermal break. The aluminum on the wood protects the wood against the elements. Regardless the materials your windows are made from, window repair is something that every homeowner will face at some point. 

Then we have vinyl windows.  Vinyl windows are an energy-efficient , low-maintenance, and budget-friendly, a popular choice for many homeowners that are updating their home with replacement windows. With this bit of history and information  on windows, let’s move forward with our window repair topic and answer some common questions by homeowners.  Getting our answers from window installation and window repair experts, you should be more informed by the end of this piece. 

How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

When the glass in a window is broken, a temporary fix to hold the glass in place can be done by using tape, if the cracked glass is intact. We recommend using a clear packing tape because of the strength as well as the width of the tape. Stretch a piece of tape over the crack and gently press it to the glass. Duct tape will work as well, but it is more visible where has packing tape is clear. 

For a window with a gaping hole (that baseball-through-the-window kind of hole), or a window that is shattered, you’ll need to more than tape the crack obviously. Start your temporary window repair by removing all of the glass pieces remaining in the window. If it is a large windowpane, removing the window from the frame may be necessary for a temporary window repair. Otherwise, follow these steps for your temporary window repair:

  • Put on your protective eye wear and gloves
  • Lay a tarp down on both inside and outside of the broken window
  • Remove the large shards of glass piece by piece with gloved hands
  • Find a heavy duty trash bag or piece of thick plastic bigger than the window
  • Staple or tape this over the busted opening
  • If it is winter, add either bubble wrap or heavy blanket over the inside for thermal barrier 

If the broken window is extensive, the better temporary window repair may be to board the complete window, with another adult helping you.  Choose a piece of plywood that will cover the entire window and drill screws through the wood and into the house around the frame.  Again, if the weather is cold, cover the inside with the bubble wrap or blanket as described above for extra thermal protection. 

Can you replace just the glass on a window?

It depends on the type of window and the age of the window. Windows that are under warranty, unless it was obviously broken by a baseball or other outside force, window repair direct by the manufacturer or authorized dealer is possible. When a window repair is done outside of the manufacturer or authorized dealer that is under warranty, the warranty becomes void. 

Now, when it is broken outside of the warranty scope, depending on the problem, there are different options to be considered. A cracked  pane of glass can be replaced with matching glass.  The matching glass is crucial when you have insulated glass windows, you need like glass to maintain the performance and you may be able to get a window repair kit from the manufacturer so that you can be certain of the match.

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Is it better to repair or replace Windows?

When it comes to window repair jobs, as a DIY kind of homeowner, you may be able to do this yourself, including ordering the repair kit. However, when you have an authorized dealer do the job, they have all they need to complete a  window repair and parts are typically on hand for the most common windows. Sometimes, replacing windows is the better option, and we’re going to support that statement with the following: 

  • When the seal on windows begins to fail, it can be almost impossible. For example, to repair window with condensation process exist, but it will only return later.  Replacing the entire window when that condensation and fog is present. 
  • If the, the dividers in the windows are broken, replacement is the better option versus window repair. 
  • Wood windows should be replaced as soon as the wood frame has indications of rot starting. Yes, these window repair for these rot places can be patched, but the integrity of the window is compromised already, and you’ll  have issues in the near future. 
  • Windows that are fifteen years old and up should be replaced. At this point, they are no longer providing the quality of energy efficiency they once did. 

The technology of window replacement is advancing every year with improved features like the sealants, security latching, and solar protection. Windows of today are more durable, more energy efficient, and easier to use than windows just ten years ago. 

The big question for many homeowners is, should I replace all windows at once? In an ideal world, yes, replacing all your windows at one time is the best scenario. However, that isn’t always feasible for everyone’s budget or credit line, so replacing a single-window is what you do – it ultimately will be your budget that decides. Replacement windows does come with perks like tax credits, so keep this mind when making your decision. Need window repair in Erie and Denver, CO? Call (303) 647-3883 today.