Is a Metal Roof Worth the Investment?

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If you face re-roofing your commercial building and thinking about what material to go with, commercial metal roofing has grown in popularity the last few years. No, it doesn’t all look like metal off of an old barn either. There are different types of commercial metal roofing, and each one offers advantages and benefits that other roofing materials don’t. To learn more about commercial metal roofing in Erie and Denver, CO, call us at (303) 647-3883.

Types of Metal Roofing

For many people, they don’t care what the commercial building roof looks like because it is up above eyesight. They simply want it to do what a roof should do without leaking or having other issues. Therefore, commercial metal roofing has become so popular for businesses. When they are installed correctly, they last forever, (longer than rubber coated commercial roofs), have minimal problems or repairs.

Here are three types of commercial metal roofing solutions that are commonly used on new construction and re-roofing existing roofs today.

  • R-Panel Commercial Metal Roofing
    • If you are looking for low requirements to maintain commercial metal roofing, R-Panel metal roofing is the perfect option. It is less expensive than some other options because of how easy it is to install requires less labor and is done faster. This commercial metal roofing material comes in several colors and are used on residential structures too. A downside to this type of commercial metal roofing is the need to have it coated or painted upon installation and refreshed every 5 years. 
  • Corrugated Commercial Metal Roofing
    • This is the type of metal roofing most people picture when they hear the words metal roofing. It is the classic type of metal that is used on barns and has found its way in home for decorating purpose. Restaurants and retail establishments use corrugated commercial metal roofing material because this is galvanized, minimizing the rust possibilities. They can integrate it with fiberglass skylight panels to create a unique design with designs and patterns. 
  • Architectural Standing Seam Commercial Metal Roofing
    • The panel interlocking style of this commercial metal roofing system affords superior protection against wind uplift and is water resistant compared to other types of commercial metal roofing systems.  Water is challenged to find a way into the building with this type of commercial metal roofing because of that tight seal it creates when interlocked. The panels have a sealant applied at the factory in some manufacturing plants. 

Can you put metal on a low pitch roof? 

For a low pitch roof, only one type of commercial metal roofing system is applicable: structural metal panel. Structural metal panel roofing systems is ideal for a slope roof because it has water barrier characteristics. Such as resisting water to pass at laps and joints because of the anti-capillary designs or sealants used at the seams. A structural metal panel roofing systems has strong characteristics that give the roofing good support. 

Is it recommended to insulate under a metal roof? 

In cold weather climates like Colorado, yes.  Commercial metal roofing that are mono-slope, non-vented cathedral style, and steel framed roofs, the first thing that should be considered is the R-value of the insulation. 

How do you stop condensation on a metal roof? 

Condensation on a commercial metal roofing can have an enormous impact, but it is preventable with the following steps:

  • Factor Number One: Keep moisture out, which is done when the structure built, and the commercial metal roofing is installed. The structure should be built on an elevated area that has natural drainage and a vapor retarder should be placed before the flooring is installed. The building should have ample ventilation in the ceiling. 
  • Factor Number Two: Natural ventilation can be effective if the building is well designed to withstand the year round climate of the area.
  • Factor Number Three: A building that is properly ventilated is sometimes not responding to the first two factors. In that situation, the building needs to be insulated so that it doesn’t reach the dew point and use of pre-installed membrane will absorb the condensation then release with the weather cycle.
commercial metal roof

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof? 

There are three disadvantages with commercial metal roofing, which are overcome by the benefits, which we will list as well: 

  • Commercial metal roofing can be loud if a solid sheathing is not installed first. 
  • Commercial metal roofing will dent in a hailstorm. 
  • Commercial metal roofing will bend in high winds if not properly secured. 
  • Commercial metal roofing contracts and expands with the temperature, causing the fasteners to become loose. 
  • Commercial metal roofing is expensive to have installed. 

The benefits of commercial metal roofing will overshadow the disadvantages with the following points: 

  • Long Life. Commercial metal roofing has an expected lifespan of 40 to 70 years, depending on the grade of metal.
  • Durable. Some commercial metal roofing can sustain 140 mph wind gusts, it won’t corrode, crack, it will be impact-resistant, and does not require periodic maintenance. It is still recommended to have annual inspections by a roofing contractor to make sure there are no issues. 
  • Safer. Commercial metal roofing is fire resistant. 
  • Energy Efficient. Commercial metal roofing reflects the UV rays and solar radiant heat generated by the sun. This can lower your cooling costs up to twenty-five percent.
  • Environmentally Friendly. New commercial metal roofing is twenty-five to ninety-five percent recycled material and once it has met its lifespan expectancy, it is 100% recyclable. 

Can I install a metal roof myself? 

Commercial metal roof installation is best done by a professional. This gives you a guarantee and warranty should there be issues or problems later. However, it can be a DIY project if you’re looking to cut costs.  There are commercial metal roofing systems that you can install, but you want to make sure you able and comfortable working with metal and have the proper specialty tool. 

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The Finishing Topper 

Commercial metal roofing is the more popular choice, and it has become the popular choice for residential purpose too. The long lifespan, the durability, and fire resistance are attractable to building and homeowners as well as insurance companies.