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There are a ton of different roofing systems out there for commercial buildings. Knowing which one is the best for your building can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. If you are looking to replace your current roofing option, there are plenty of replacement possibilities out there. One type of roofing that is gaining popularity is a rubber roofing system known as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM. And just like with any other type of roofing material, there are definite pros and cons to EPDM roofing systems. Should you find yourself with questions about your current roofing system, why it might be a good idea to move to an EPDM system, or to EPDM roof repairs, give the professionals at Blue Spruce Construction Group a call at (303) 647-3883. We continue to serve the Erie and Denver, CO area with nothing but the finest in quality and customer service for EPDM roof repair.

Why EPDM Roofing?

There are some distinct advantages to implementing an EPDM roofing system on your commercial building. The first of which is that the cost of an EPDM roof is generally pretty low. This reason alone makes it a commonly chosen option for low-sloped roofs.

EPDM roofs are also very eco-friendly. They have reflective properties, allowing for the reflection of UV rays. This can help to reduce energy costs, allowing you to cool your building without those expensive HVAC units. They are also compatible with rooftop gardens as well as solar cell arrays.

EPDM roofs are also built to last a long time, 20 years or longer provided that they have been properly installed. Most EPDM roofs are actually impervious to UV rays, allowing them to stand the test of time.

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Blue Spruce Construction Group‘s service technicians are the utmost professionals, using modern techniques to solve modern issues. Whatever the issue may be – a repair, replacement, or installation – our technicians have the knowledge and experience to do the job. If you have any questions or need an EPDM roof repair or installation in Erie and Denver, CO, call us at (303) 647-3883 today. Scheduling an appointment with us is the first step towards getting your brand new EPDM roofing system installed professionally, so call right away.

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